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Daily Express on Split property market
Daily Express brings a nice article on Split property market, inviting readers to forget overpriced Dubrovnik and to take a look on a "Balkans Belle" - Split.
" IT IS a mystery why the city of Split has remained off the main tourist map for so long. It is a historic jewel that combines all the best elements of other European city destinations. Stroll by the sea on the Riva, a wide promenade fringed with cafés and palm trees, and you could be in the south of France, turn a corner and the grand neo-Renaissance buildings will make you think of Austria, while piazzas surrounded by Venetian architecture remind you this area was once owned by the ancient Italian republic.

The real discovery, however, is Split's centre, which is formed by one of the best-preserved Roman cities in the world. "


"Unlike Dubrovnik or Venice, which have been tarted up for tourists, the centre of Split still has a solid mix of locals, including old women who hang laundry from their windows and feed the stray cats. "


"At the start of this year, there was a significant amount of unsold real estate on the market, " says Spiro Trgo, who owns the Trgostan property agency. "In the last two years, prices declined on average by 20 per cent.

However, the most attractive real estate increased by 10 per cent in the same period."

These sought-after properties tend to be in Diocletian's Palace, as well as the Varos and Radunica areas of the old town. Prices vary widely because there's such a variety of property in differing states of repair.


Trgo estimates renovation projects can be picked up from about €1,500 to €2,200 per square metre in these locations, and property in good condition from around €2,500.

Quality real estate in the palace district's centre can be up to €7,000 per square metre.

"A nice one-bedroom apartment in the centre of Split can be bought for €120,000 to €135,000, " Trgo says. "A renovated stone house is about €135,000."


Nevertheless, Cvjetkovic thinks the city is worth considering because she believes the region will become increasingly popular.

"Split is an ideal bolthole, " she says, "and buyers are making the most of the fact that prices have come down."


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